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Please note:
All products returned to us for repair/change/quality check must be sent in cleaned condition. Optimal repair/change/quality check can be performed only on clean products. Products returned in a filthy state will be charged with a handling fee for cleaning of 5 Euros.

Note: Later changes on products may result in slight creases on reverse side of the product.

What is the meaning of the IP specifications for water proofness and dust proofness?
Where can I get more detailed information?
The IP specifications are based on standard tests for defining the dust and water proofness. Further information on the different standards can be found here

Is it possible to attach panniers with QL1 or QL2 system at a rack on which a QL3 rail has already been fixed?
Yes, it is possible to attach panniers with QL1 or QL2 or QL2.1 system directly on the QL3 rail.

My Ultimate1 handle bar bag (up to model 1995) cannot be fixed to my current mounting set (E164)
The mounting set for Ultimate1 is no longer available. However, the bag can be upgraded with the current mounting system (E164) of Ultimate5. All Ultimate models from 1996 on (Ultimate2 to 5) are compatible with the current fixation E164. Please see our pricelist for changes/repairs.

Can I fix my Ultimate handle bar bag onto a carbon (carbon fibre) handle bar?
No, due to safety reasons we do not recommend fixing the mounting set to carbon handle bars.

Which ORTLIEB handlebar bag fits on which mounting set?
Please see the overview.

I want to redo the water repellency of my Bike-Packer Plus. What product do I have to use for this operation?
Unlike Goretex or alike jackets, shoes etc. your Ortlieb panniers do not need impregnating as they have a permanent waterproof coating on the inside of the bag.

The Velcro of my old panniers comes apart. What can I do?
Velcro cannot be welded on again. Best you return the panniers to us via your dealer, and we will exchange the Velcro with a strap and buckle system. Please see our pricelist for changes/repairs.

The combination of my Back-Rollers with the Rack-Pack is impossible, because the buckles do not fit together.
Due to a successive running change of our products to new improved buckles, it can be required to use an adapter piece (old buckle/new buckle or vice versa) for combining Back-Rollers with Rack-Pack on the rear rack (art.No. E135 and E136).

The adapter plate of my Travel-Biker is instable and the suitcase does not lock into the adapter.
We offer additional plastic pieces for extra support. These parts are available free of charge by our customer service.

The waterproof TIZIP on my bag is hard to open/close. What can I do to make it move more smoothly?
Due to technical reasons it is not possible to lubricate the zippers during the production process. However, each TIZIP product is supplied with an optimally tuned lubricant. After applying the paste into the zipper, it will be easier to move without reducing waterproofness. The lubricant is also available as accessory with your specialized dealer (article no. E 134).

My Cor 13 backpack was delivered without the grease for the waterproof zipper. Where can I get this lubricant?
The lubricant is only to be used on WATERSEAL zippers, i. e. on the following products:
Travel-Biker, Flight, Big-Zip, D-Fender (until model 2009), Travel-Zip (until model 2010), Zip-City (until model 2010, i. e. F-codes)

Products that come with MASTERSEAL zipper do not need any lubricant! The lubricant would attract dust and dirt to the "teeth", which would result in a change for the worse instead of making the zipper more smooth-running. For this reason following products are delivered without lubricant:
Trunk-Bag, Recumbent Backpack, Cor 13, MountainX 31, Duffle, MOTO Zip'n Go, MOTO Tankbag, MOTO D-Fender, D-Fender (from 2010 on), Travel-Zip (from 2011 on), Zip-City (from 2011 on, i. e. K-codes)

Can ORTLIEB waterbags be used for transporting fuel?
No, waterbags are suited for transporting and storing water only.

May I fill boiling water into an ORTLIEB waterbag?
No, the water temperature may not exceed 60°C/140°F.

I would like to use the carrying system for my panniers. However, I have the older model with the asymmetric shape.
The carrying system can only be used if the lower edge protector of the pannier is exchanged. This is basically possible, however, it involves a lot of effort. Please see our pricelist for changes/repairs.

How can the lower buckles of the pannier carrying system be pulled out of the edge protector?
Due to the construction of the system, the buckles must be fixed safely; therefore, removal of the system requires some power.

May I use a waterproof marker for writing on my map case?
Yes, you may.

My ORTLIEB product is dirty. What is the best way to clean it?
All ORTLIEB products can be cleaned with warm water and mild soap. Please do not use any solvents, alcohol or acid cleaning agents. You may also use gall soap and a soft brush for cleaning your ORTLIEB product.

How can I clean and sterilize waterbags on the inside?
We recommend tablets for artificial dentures such as "Steradent", "Kukident" or "Corega Tabs" for cleaning your waterbag inside. You can also use water disinfection tablets such as "Micropur".

I have panniers with the older rigid mounting hooks, and I would like to have it changed to the QL1 or QL2 system? Is this possible?
Yes, it is. However, due to different hook distances, the previous openings must be closed by welding after removing the old hooks before it is possible to make new holes for the new QL1/QL2 bar. Therefore, the bags must be returned to us for this modification. Please see our pricelist for changes/repairs.

The buckles on my ORTLIEB product are broken. May I use the repair buckles (art. Code E 117)
The repair buckles are intended as short-term replacement (during a bike tour/holiday), and are not intended for permanent use. Note: repairs by our customer service are free of charge during the warranty period. After lapse of warranty a charge of appr. 4 Euros per buckle plus postage applies.

My ORTLIEB product has holes, sections with abrasion, damage by mice etc.
Our customer service repairs such damage. Please return your product in clean condition, and provide an exact description of the damage with an enclosed letter and/or mark the defect positions. Please see our pricelist for changes/repairs.

The fixation hook (E143) of my pannier cannot be adjusted/cannot be loosened.
Please use a coin, like a 50 cent piece in order to loosen the hook. You can then change its position.

I am using a Syntace VRO handlebar. Can I fix my Ultimate handle bar bag to it?
Yes, you can, however, the handle bar position can no longer be changed once the bar bag is mounted. Therefore, a fixation of the handle bar bag makes sense only if you do no longer want to adjust your handle bar. Please see instructions and mounting of VRO handle bar.

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