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Perfect for commuting - The sturdy Pedal-Mate keeps your notebook safe and gives you quick access to your essentials with a magnetic closure.
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The non-PVC Pedal-Mate is your ideal companion for your city commute or lightweight bike ride. This sturdy bag keeps its shape so you can set it down comfortably without it tipping over. The shoulder strap makes it easy to throw the bag over your shoulder when you arrive at your destination, and the padded laptop compartment keeps your electronics safe, making the Pedal-Mate the perfect partner for your daily commute.
The convenient magnetic closure provides quick access to all your essentials, while the additional exterior mesh pocket is ideal for frequently used items. Inside, a zippered pocket keeps your office tools, cell phone and keys close at hand. Thanks to the universal Quick-Lock2.1 system, the bag fits on almost any luggage carrier. Of course, the Pedal-Mate is also waterproof, sustainably manufactured in Germany and offers you the world-famous ORTLIEB quality.


Further practical features

  • + Padded laptop compartment for up to 13" notebooks
  • + Removable shoulder strap
  • + Reflectors
  • + Sturdy bag body
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