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Monnem Bike

Monnem Bike: The world celebrates 200 years of invention of the bike in Mannheim

The 200th birthday of the bicycle is the reason for the whole world to celebrate one of the most important inventions of mankind. On June 12, 1817, Freiherr Karl von Drais, with his “treadmill”, rode through the streets of Mannheim to Schwetzingen, thus pounding a new era of mobility. With the Anniversary Reunion under the title “Monnem Bike”, “2 wheels and 200 years” will be put into focus in Mannheim for more than a year. The large national exhibition of the same name has already been opened. In addition, there are festivals, shows and sports, a musical, an inventor’s exhibition and lots of creative-artistic projects throughout the year 2017. The detailed program can be found on the website.


Monnem Bike Monnem Bike Backroller