Mein Warenkorb  

Hello Bike World

3 young Swiss will make the journey of their life: 25’000km from Switzerland to Malaysia in 500 days. Departure on 1 April 2017!

A trip without NOx

ZWithout a doubt, bicycles are the most ecological means of transport for extended land travel. Even if our carbon footprint won’t be zero (we don’t plan on holding our breath for 500 days), we can be proud of our ability to cross the planet while we « do no harm ».

Discovering energy around the world

All three of us are renewable energy engineers and this expedition allows us to see how electricity is made across a wide range of the planet. We are planning to meet the main actors in this field in order to better understand what efforts individual countries are making to protect our planet, or in other cases, to see what steps still need to be taken. Connector.

Why on a bike?

It would certainly be easier and faster by plane, but discovering the local cultures and landscapes to the rythm of a pedal stroke is so much more satisfying! On a bike, we are as free as air!

Why to the East?

Because going West would require amphibious bikes to go any further than Bordeaux so we aren’t left with much options.


Hello Bike World