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Responsiblity for our region

Responsiblity for our region

Important employers in the region

As medium-sized company and employer we play an important role in the Frankonian town Heilsbronn. With successful company management we create more than 200 jobs thus strengthening the economic power and life quality of our region. In 2005, our founder Hartmut Ortlieb received the “Jobstar” awarded by the regional Nuremberg association and the TV channels RTL and Franken Life.

Further, we have been successfully cooperating for many years with workshops like Diakonie Neuendettelsau and arbewe GmbH in Nuremberg. These workshops employ handicapped or disadvantaged people who are limited in their abilities for various reasons. These services and their staff support us brilliantly with assembly and sewing tasks.


Short and transparent deliveries

Our aim is to source the majority of our materials from close by. We want to ensure short transport routes, lower emissions and quick delivery times. At present, approximately 70% of the materials used in the ORTLIEB production originate from Germany.
Ninety percent of all production processes take place in our company in Heilsbronn, and have done for the last 35 years.

Regional involvement

Every year ORTLIEB supports numerous and diverse projects and initiatives, many of them in our area in Frankonia. We want to improve people’s lives in our region by means of cooperations, partnerships and donations (money and product). Our sponsoring projects include programs for children and young people and supporting organizations helping disadvantaged or needy people offering them new chances or help.

An example is the inventor’s prize amounting to € 10.000 in 2014 which was distributed by Ortlieb in cooperation with employees to various associations: Bund Naturschutz (association for protection of the environment), the regional science group Triesdorf for agricultural and regional development, the “house for small scientists”. Further ORTLIEB supports the local community foundation “Bürgerstiftung Heilsbronn” as sponsor and foundation member with funds and product donations.