Mein Warenkorb  

The Bike Ramble

Seriously, what is this madness?

“As always there is both the short and the long answer. Let’s start with the short one. The Bike Ramble is a bike trip. A very long one. A bike trip around the world to be exact. In the early spring of 2015 I strapped everything I own onto my bicycle, kissed family and friends goodbye and took my first wobbly pedal strokes into the unknown. Why? My driving force is the urge to experience it all. I want to go everywhere. Meet everyone. I want to taste all food, and get to take part in every culture. I want to see every view and swim every sea. I want to really get to know this world.

II’ve always loved a challenge. But this is a big one, I’m well aware of that. There are rough times. There are ruthless headwinds and steep mud road climbs. Freezing cold and tormenting heat. Loneliness. There are places where the fact that I’m a woman puts me in far from ideal situations. For sure, there are times when I’m given every reason to… go home. And that’s what makes me want this more than anything. I want to push through those tough times. Come out on the other side, and be able to say ‘Girl. You really did it.’.

Yes, The Bike Ramble is a bike trip. But it’s also something more. I not only want to see the world as it is, I want to see it become better. To make this journey meaningful for more people than myself, I’m using it to raise money and awareness to ActionAid’s global work against poverty and injustice. If you enjoy following my journey, please consider taking part of the fundraiser with whatever donation you can. Even the smallest contribution is important and together we can really make a difference.“

The Bike Ramble