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Social responsiblity for our employees

Social responsiblity for our employees ORTLIEB

“Made in Germany” is more than a seal of quality for us. At our headquarters in Heilsbronn, Germany in the district of Ansbach we are committed to securing jobs and strengthening the regional economy for the long term. We are proud of a human resources culture that is characterized by honesty, mutual respect and flat hierarchies. We encourage self-reliant and responsible approaches to job performance. We co-operate hand in hand under one roof. Our partnerships are characterized by a fair, honest and respectful way that allows quick decisions. We communicate openly and treat different opinions in a constructive manner. Our employees are encouraged to comment on issues and directly declare ideas. It is important to us that we include our employees in achieving our company goals and in taking important decisions. Discrimination, harassment or other improper behavior on the basis of gender, age, color, origin, nationality, religion, sexual orientation, physical or mental disabilities or other features is prohibited and contradicts our philosophy.

This commitment gives rise to long term bonds and the best ideas- essentially the secret of ORTLIEB’s success. Long serving employees offer our enterprise a wealth of knowledge and experience. We all reach the summit when this valuable knowledge and experience flow into the development of your outdoor equipment.

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