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Social responsiblity

Social responsiblity

Our approach

ORTLIEB is not working in a vacuum. We are part of a society and as a company we have an exemplary function for our actions and how we deal with them. Our society is colourful and diverse – which is good. We are committed to making a contribution to support this diversity. Direct, trustworthy and long term business relationships with our suppliers and dealers are important to us. Therefore we are committed to specialized retailers ensuring competent service and support for all customers.

As the pioneer of waterproof bicycle bags we promote cycling and in particular commuting by bicycle – it is human, intelligent, healthy and environmentally friendly. We support campaigns, associations and organizations encouraging people to make a valuable contribution for the protection of the climate.
We are committed to making a contribution to both the economic and the social vitality of our region. In the interest of securing the region’s social vitality, we make financial and material donations to non-profit organizations, such as the Heilsbronn Citizens Foundation.

Furthermore we support networks and partnerships helping to promote the protection of nature and the environment. One example of this is ORTLIEB’s membership in the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), which raises funds for conservation projects throughout the world.

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