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Bicycle Bags

ORTLIEB: Waterproof bike bags by the market leader

The ORTLIEB brand stands for bike bags that are guaranteed waterproof! We manufacture bike bags for city biking, bike touring and bikepacking. What kind of bag are you looking for? Here are some examples:

Bike bags in waterproof quality

How do you manufacture a lightweight bike bag that is completely waterproof no matter what the weather? This was the question ORTLIEB’s founders faced at the beginning of the company’s history. And today, we’re the market leaders when it comes to waterproof bike bags. We use a special high-frequency welding method to make our bags. This is why they’re superior to other products on the market whose seams are merely glued or sewn. We use this method for every bike bag, every handlebar bag and every seat bag. And that’s why we can extend an unconditional 5-year guarantee on all of our products!

Bike bags for your trip around the world

The Back-Roller is the classic bike bag in our line of waterproof bike bags. It’s a super durable and spacious pannier for your rear bike rack. Thanks to our Quick-Lock System, attaching the bag to or detaching it from your bike rack is a snap. With a pair of Back-Rollers and a pair of Sport-Rollers attached to your Lowrider Rack up front, you’ll have enough stowage space for your bike trip around the world. And if you mainly ride to and from work, then our Office-Bags or the bags in our Urban Line are certain to offer just what you need!

Back-Roller Pro Classic
Back-Roller Design
Single-Bag QL3.1
Barista Urban Line
Commuter-Bag Urban Line
Ultimate6 S Plus
Sport-Roller Plus
Bike Basket
Velocity Design
Office-Bag High Visibility