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Camera Bags

camera bags

Waterproof camera bags by ORTLIEB –
come with a 5-year guarantee!

High quality camera bags and backpacks by ORTLIEB offer optimal protection for your sensitive camera equipment. They offer not-a-drop protection in the most inclement of weather!

Camera bags for urban and wilderness missions

The hunt for spectacular shots is a thrill for all photographers, no matter whether the setting is a rainforest, a sailor’s aquatic paradise or the streets of Berlin. That is, so long as the weather holds! Your sensitive camera equipment needs total protection against impacting forces and the damaging force of water. Camera bags and backpacks by ORTLIEB are ideal no matter whether your main gear is a DSLR camera or a smart pocket camera. Our top-flight camera bags are extraordinarily impact-resistant and guaranteed waterproof!

Camera bags and
backpacks by

It’s not just the fabric. The zippers on our camera cases, bags and backpacks are also designed to create a hermetic seal that can withstand the heaviest of monsoon rainfalls! This is the reason we can do without the additional weight of a rain flap. If one of our camera bags is too small for your needs, we recommend our Day-Shot camera backpack, which offers ample space for your sophisticated camera, interchangeable lenses and your 10-inch notebook. Want to stay on the safe side? Consider a waterproof camera bag or backpack by ORTLIEB. We offer a 5-year guarantee!