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Messenger bags

ORTLIEB: Waterproof courier bags and accessories

The ORTLIEB brand is a familiar name among biking enthusiasts. Beyond our famous bike bags, we also manufacture excellent courier bags that are spacious, durable and absolutely waterproof!

Courier bag for the urban jungle

Bike couriers swear by our durable and completely waterproof courier bags. Every Messenger Bag in the ORTLIEB collection offers top payload and not-a-drop waterproof protection – crucial advantages when you’re transporting documents and other sensitive items. ORTLIEB courier bags and backpacks are also outfitted with the biggest reflectors possible to help make sure you remain visible in all vision-challenging situations. First-rate accessories such as U-lock holders and waist-belt bags round off our product range. And if you’d like to do some advertising while you’re out there in public spaces, the Messenger Bag Pro comes with a transparent, waterproof sleeve compartment in A3 format.

Stylish Messenger Bags
for professional and civilian use

ORTLIEB courier bags have long since been discovered by non-professionals. Our Messenger Bags represent a smart and stylish companion for all kinds of people out there who are managing their everyday transport needs.

That’s also why the design of our Velocity and Commuter Daypacks is directly based on our courier bags. But no matter what the model, ORTLIEB waterproof quality applies to all of our products!

Messenger Bag
Messenger Bag Pro
Messenger Bag XL
Waist Strap Pocket
Document Compartment A3 for Messenger Bag
Organizer for Messenger Bag