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Recumbent Bags

Recumbent bike bags by ORTLIEB are waterproof and durable!

ORTLIEB recumbent bike bags offer you 54 liters of payload for your next bike tour. And if that won’t be enough, you can also take advantage of our recumbent-bike backpack, which offers an additional payload of 18 liters. You can rest assured that all of your stuff is securely stowed!

High-quality bike bags for your recumbent bike

Like all bike bags by ORTLIEB, our recumbent bike bags are also incredibly durable and guaranteed waterproof. No rain and no mud will penetrate your bags! Thanks to our convenient Quick-Lock mounting system, you can easily attach your bags to or remove them from your bike. Large reflectors provide an additional safety feature when you’re riding at night. And when you arrive at your destination, the bag’s shoulder straps will give you a comfortable transport option as you set off on foot. Our recumbent-bike backpack completes our ensemble. The backpack attaches easily to your bike rack or to the seat of a scooter!

Touring the world with
our recumbent bike bags

Whether you have a single ORTLIEB recumbent bike bag or a complete 72-liter set, you’ll be prepared to depart on your next epic tour. Indeed, you’ll soon enjoy the advantages of your bike’s design. Recumbent bikes permit you to assume a position on your bike that is less exhausting and that protects your back from undue strain. And, taking the extremely efficient transmission of force to your crankshaft into consideration, you’ll be optimally prepared for an extended bike tour. Whatever your next destination, your stuff will always be well protected in your waterproof recumbent bike bags by ORTLIEB!

Recumbent bag