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Office Bags

Waterproof office bags for your bike

Would you rather take your bike to work or school in the morning – instead of taking the risk of getting stuck in a traffic jam? If yes, then ORTLIEB has the perfect office bags for you: fashionable, spacious and guaranteed waterproof! And once you’ve arrived at your destination, you can use your fashionable bike bag as a shoulder bag that’s certain to make a good impression!

The ideal bike briefcase

Our office bags offer plenty of stowage space for your laptop, your documents and your other office materials. The compartment system is intuitive and ensures quick access to everything you’ll need in the course of your day. Reflectors provide an added safety feature by making you visible to motorists. Our Commuter Bag, Office-Bag and Downtown models come in various sizes and are compatible with various rack systems – including the innovative Quick-Lock3.1 System. The rack-attachment elements on our bike briefcases are so flat that you won’t even notice them! However, the Quick-Lock3.1 System does require the right bike rack or an appropriate adapter. We offer our Rack1 and Rack2 bike racks for those who would like to retrofit their bikes for compatibility with our Quick-Lock3.1 System.

Our Office-Bag, Single-Bag and Vario models

Our Office-Bag is the classic in our line of office bike bags. Our Single-Bag represents a purist alternative. It has an unobtrusive design, comes with the QL3.1 system and sports a payload of 12 liters, plenty of space for a 13-inch notebook and other office materials. On the other hand, if you’re more interested in a backpack/bike bag combination, you should definitely consider our Vario model.

Commuter-Bag Urban Line
Office-Bag High Visibility
Single-Bag QL3.1
Barista Urban Line
Back-Roller High Visibility
Back-Roller City
Sport-Roller High Visibility
Sport-Roller City