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Horse Panniers

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ORTLIEB saddlebags are guaranteed waterproof

Horse and rider are exposed to all kinds of weather. This makes waterproof saddlebags indispensable when you’re out for a long-distance trail ride! ORTLIEB saddlebags are lightweight, spacious, comfortable (for both horse and rider) and guaranteed waterproof!

Saddlebags for a full range of saddle types

Whether on a trek in the Rocky Mountains or trail riding on the weekend, ORTLIEB saddlebags can be effortlessly attached to any general-purpose saddle, as well as to all distance, trail-riding, military and Western saddle. The ORTLIEB strap system and the rear padding element ensure the safe and secure positioning of your saddlebags on your horse. The special fabric is ripstop, wear-resistant and completely waterproof – even when you and your horse are midstream.

Saddlebags and rack pack

If you need to pack even more things, you can also combine your saddlebags with an ORTLIEB Rack Pack in sizes S or M. However, make sure when packing your saddlebags and accessory bags that the weight is evenly distributed across the horse! The need for even weight distribution is why we only offer our ORTLIEB saddlebags in sets of two bags. And don’t forget to take our Equestrian First-Aid Kit along with you, just in case you run into trouble.