Travel Bags


Wheeled waterproof travel bags that double as backpacks

A single travel bag by ORTLIEB masters every challenge! Our trend-setting bags are extraordinarily durable and guaranteed waterproof! Whether you’re off on an expedition through the rainforest or taking a weekend trip to Madrid, your possessions will be safe and dry in an ORTLIEB travel bag.

Travel bags for daily use and world tours

All of our travel bags meet our exacting waterproof specifications. This means you can take them with you on your journey across the Olympic Peninsula or use them as a smart gym bag for your weekly workouts and training sessions. ORTLIEB bags rise to meet every challenge.

Travel bags with wheels and backpack straps

Our Duffle RS and Duffle RG are waterproof travel bags that are outfitted with wheels. The Duffle RG even includes a telescope aluminum handle for easy towing. But given that trips around the world often take you to places where it would be more convenient to carry your duffel bag on your back, we designed these ORTLIEB travel bags to also double as backpacks. All you need to do is quickly convert the handle into a pair of shoulder straps. This option is especially convenient for extended walks across unpaved terrain! Which ORTLIEB travel bag would you like to take along on your next adventure?

Duffle RS
Duffle RG