Backpacks by ORTLIEB – waterproof in all situations!

Guaranteed waterproof backpacks by ORTLIEB are stylish, rugged and multifunctional. Whether you’re off on a high alpine hike, kayaking in Norway or on your way across town to work or school, your ORTLIEB backpack will keep your stuff dry no matter what.

Backpacks for hiking or riding

We manufacture backpacks for great outdoor adventures and everyday urban activities. To achieve the not-a-drop waterproof quality of the backpacks, daypacks, courier bags and bike bags under the ORTLIEB waterproof guarantee, we use incredibly durable material and a special high-frequency welding procedure. Your stuff will stay dry in the heaviest and longest of downpours. No rain flap necessary!

Waterproof backpacks for urban outings and extended tours

The ORTLIEB company history began with the production of waterproof bike bags. Courier bags and backpacks were added later as the company expanded its range of products. Our current line of backpacks ranges from smart and stylish backpacks for your daily commute to work to our multifunctional backpacks for high alpine tours.
The origins of our company and our close connection to the bike courier scene are still in evidence today in the form of our smart Velocity and Commuter Daypack models. Have a look! Which of our waterproof backpacks looks right for you?