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Shopping Bags

Bike shopping bags – spacious, waterproof and fashionable

Bike shopping bags by ORTLIEB make for a perfect companion when you want to ride into town to do some shopping. Whether you’re aiming for the city center or the farmers market, you’ll have plenty of space in our bags for your wallet, your smartphone and all of your purchases. So you better take your bike because you don’t have any excuses anymore. And you’ll avoid all the traffic jams, you won’t have to find a parking spot and you’ll have more time for shopping.

Your fashionable shopping bag

All of the bike shopping bags in our line of products are guaranteed waterproof and are likely to offer enough space for everything you want to purchase on the way. But in addition to practicality, design also plays an important role. That why we use a mixed CORDURA-cotton fabric for the products in our Urban Line. The result is an assortment of fashionable bike bags in waterproof quality. Our Velo-Shopper, a stylish shopping bag with a magnetic snap closure and a payload of 18 liters, is also especially practical. And our Bike-Shopper is even more spacious, offering a payload of 20 liters. That should be enough for your next trip to the supermarket!

Bike shopping bags and baskets

In addition to our various bike shopping bags, we also have a real city-biking classic in our line of products: our Bike Basket. The ORTLIEB version of the bike basket is naturally incredibly durable and waterproof. It can also easily carry up to 22 pounds and can be effortlessly attached to or removed from your bike via our Rack-Lock-Adapter System. In addition to our bike-rack model, we also produce a somewhat smaller handlebar basket. And if you’re interested in a more urban appearance, you may want to consider one of our courier bags like the Velocity or the City Commuter Daypack. Which of our bike shopping bags or baskets is the right one for you?

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Bike Basket
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