For several years ORTLIEB has supported numerous sponsoring projects. Those athletes who are actively involved in product development performing athletic top performance are of particular importance to us. Thanks to those people waterproof ORTLIEB products are carried around the globe on expeditions, trips or photo projects.

Click to learn more about our “messengers” and their adventures:

Gaertner, KruegerThe two adventurers travel around the world, by feet and without money.
Heiko Gärtner und Tobias Krüger

RamselMatthias Ramsel is carried around the globe by his recumbent trike and the required tail wind.
Matthias Ramsel

GuentherOne lady. Two wheels. Aileen travels around the globe on her motorcycle.
Aileen Günther

Leeway CollectivePassion and love for nature are the link for these 4 white water kayakers.
Leeway Collective

Mike DawsonThe New Zealander travels the world with his kayak always looking for fast, unreckonable rivers. Adrenalin guaranteed.

Mike Dawson

Dirk RohrbachHis tours are a tribute to life on the go that make you want to pack your bag. You will be easily infected by his search for the unknown.
Dirk Rohrbach

Grenzenlos ExpeditionenGil Bretschneider does not back away from adventure!
Grenzenlos Expeditionen

Reinhard PantkeThe globetrotter travels by bicycle and backpack. He fascinates us with breathtaking pictures of his journeys.
Reinhard Pantke

GuentherThe two of them covered 300.000 kilometers on the backs of camels, horses, elephants, on foot or by bicycle.
Tanja & Denis Katzer

Huebner“Deceleration” is his motto when it comes to travelling and art. The impressions that he puts on paper and other materials are exciting – not only for experienced travelers.
Jens Huebner

PaulThey explore nature and animals in the cold polar region with their expedition boat creating breathtaking photographs.
Silvia & Harald Paul

BrümmerThe two adventurers fell under the spell of Brazil years ago, and they are still fascinated…
Brümmer & Glöckner

BiciclownHe can hold his show anywhere in the world, language does not matter, laughing is international.
Alvaro Neil

GlogowskiHe found his second home in Tibet, and for over 25 years he makes an effort to let others get to know this country.
Dieter Glogowski

MeixnerThe bike globetrotter from Saxony-Anhalt is without limits. He explored more than 95 countries with his bicycle.
Thomas Meixner

SomewhereThere are places and things most people can only dream about. This group of slackliners tries to make us join these dreams.

SchneiderHe is well known as photographer and canoe adventurer, and still drawn to extraordinary projects.
Lars Schneider

SmolkaThe long distance biker will surround the globe in four years. His bike will be his best friend for 80000 kilometers.
Peter Smolka

SchubertHe is well known as photographic journalist and author of books. His fascination for Asia sparks off easily to his audience.
Olaf Schubert

SchneiderAdventurer to the core, that’s for sure, and the next adventure is already waiting…
Detlev Henschel

SchneiderFrom Tierra del Fuego to Alaska on horseback. Günter Wamser would ride anywhere on his horse.
Günter Wamser