Shoulder bags

Bike shoulder bags by ORTLIEB – waterproof and fashionable!

The ORTLIEB brand also stands for bike shoulder bags in waterproof quality! No matter whether you’re on your way to school, to work, to the shopping center or to meet up you’re your friends, our fashionable and absolutely waterproof shoulder bags will reliably protect your equipment against dust, dirt and rain.

Courier bags for your day in the city

Courier Bags are real classics in the ORTLIEB line of bike shoulder bags. These courier bags come in two payload sizes (11 or 18 liters) and include our innovative shoulder-strap concept. This concept allows you to position the bags securely on your back so that they won’t slip down in front of you while you’re riding your bike!

Reporter-Bag and Velo-Pocket

Our Reporter-Bag is also outfitted with our special shoulder-strap system. It comes in two packing-volume sizes (11 or 17 liters) that both offer plenty of space for a computer notebook and other materials. Our Velo-Pocket, on the other hand, is much smaller. It’s essentially a fashionable handbag that you can conveniently attach to your handlebar using our Ultimate Adapter.

Designer shoulder bags for your bike

Our City-Biker and Single-Bag are real eye catchers. You can attach these shoulder bags to your bike rack before setting off. In the case of the City-Biker, you can choose whether you want to use our proven Quick-Lock2.1 System or our new Quick-Lock3.1 System. The advantage of the Quick-Lock3.1 is that its attachment elements are so flat that you won’t even notice them. In contrast, the purist Single-Bag comes only with the QL3.1 System. Which waterproof bike shoulder bag by ORTLIEB is the right one for you?

Reporter-Bag City
Courier-Bag City
Velo-Pocket Urban Line
Barista Urban Line
Reporter-Bag Urban Line
Courier-Bag Urban Line
Single-Bag QL3.1
Trunk-Bag RC