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Environmental and Social Responsibility

No matter what their language, people around the world have come to associate the name ORTLIEB with high quality outdoor equipment that is waterproof and made to last. Although our outdoor bags are in action throughout the world, we remain committed to our local community when it comes to product development and production. “Made in Germany” is a part of our brand promise. It stands for high quality, regional jobs, environmentally sustainable production and a human resources culture of mutual respect. At ORTLIEB, sustainability is a commitment to excellent craftsmanship and consistent environmental and social responsibility.

Securing Quality

Waterproof ORTLIEB bags are developed and manufactured exclusively at the company’s production facility in Heilsbronn, Germany. This arrangement allows us to effectively maintain and continuously improve our high standards of quality so as to secure our capacity to make long-lasting products. The fact that our service unit has received products that were in need of repair – for the first time – after 20 years of use is a source of pride for us. Our aim is to effectively conserve resources while at the same time ensuring your long-term satisfaction with ORTLIEB products. This comes with a watertight promise: we offer a 5-year guarantee on all of our materials and workmanship, and we guarantee that replacement parts will remain available for all of our products for a period of at least 10 years after any given article has been phased out.

Protecting the Environment

As one of the very first outdoor equipment companies, we remain committed to a holistic, ecological world view. It is especially important to us, for instance, to take a considerate and respectful approach to nature. This is why we are continuously on the uptake for ways of minimizing our carbon footprint. Most of the materials we use are manufactured in Germany. This makes for shorter transport distances, speedier delivery times and reduced carbon emissions. Our production processes are also geared to resource conservation and the use of renewable sources of energy, with our own photovoltaic installation covering one-third of our overall energy needs. Moreover, ORTLIEB catalogues are printed and sent on FSC-certified paper in an environmentally sustainable and climate neutral manner.

Appreciating People

“Made in Germany” is more than a seal of quality for us. At our headquarters in Heilsbronn, Germany, we are committed to securing jobs and strengthening the regional economy for the long term. We are proud of a human resources culture that is characterized by honesty, mutual respect and flat hierarchies. We encourage self-reliant and responsible approaches to job performance. This commitment gives rise to long-term bonds and the best ideas. It is essentially the secret to ORTLIEB’s success. Long-standing employees offer our enterprise a wealth of knowledge and experience. We all reach the summit when this valuable knowledge and experience flow into the development of your outdoor equipment.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We are committed to making a contribution to both the economic and the social vitality of our region. In the interest of securing the region’s social vitality, we make financial and material donations to non-profit organizations, such as the Heilsbronn Citizens Foundation, that work to improve the lives of underprivileged and vulnerable individuals. However, in fulfilling our corporate social responsibility, we at ORTLIEB also include a healthy measure of pragmatism. For instance, as one of the pioneers of the waterproof bike bag, we actively promote bicycle-centered initiatives. We also support initiatives, associations and organizations that encourage people to make a contribution to climate protection. We also join forces with other enterprises in the outdoor industry to help promote environmental protection. One example of this is ORTLIEB’s membership in the European Outdoor Conservation Association (EOCA), which raises funds for conservation projects throughout the world.