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Water Transport


The ORTLIEB Water Sack: ideal water transport!

Water transport is an essential matter when you’re out on an extended outdoor adventure. The ORTLIEB Water Sack allows you to carry up to 10 liters of water from a water source to your campsite. This faithful transporter is made of a durable ripstop fabric and is guaranteed waterproof. The sack’s large opening and roll closure enable quick and convenient refilling.

Water Bag and Water Cat

Products with excellent waterproof properties are our specialty. This and our own great passion for being outdoors were what inspired us to develop further transport products. When outfitted with our drinking tube, our Water Bag and our handy Water Cat make for outstanding hydration systems while you’re on the way to your destination.

Compatibility with water-filter systems

The Water Sack, Water Bag and Water Cat by ORTLIEB can be outfitted with many commercially available outdoor water-filter systems, which are naturally indispensable if you need to purify water at some point along the way. ORTLIEB’s waterproof Folding Bowls and Folding Basins will also add convenience to your base-camp life.

Whether you’re hiking in Death Valley or trekking the expanses of Greenland, water will be your most precious possession. The ORTLIEB Water Sack and Water Bag are ideal for outdoor water transport.

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Water Sack
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