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Anti-Theft-Device for QL2.1 bags

A short diversion on foot or a small café break without baggage is less hassle now. No problem, the securing cable, in combination with a cable or U-lock, prevents bike and motorcycle panniers with QL2 and QL2.1 against theft.

mig nopvc ql21
DELIVERY TIME 2 or 3 workdays
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Steel cable (pair) with loop for later installation in bags with QL2 system and QL2.1; short version for Sport-Roller, Sport-Packer, Gravel-Pack, E-Mate, Vario, City-Biker; long version for MOTO Sidebag, Back-Roller, Bike-Packer, Bike-Tourer, Office-Bag, Downtown Two, Commuter-Bag Two Urban, Bike-Shopper, Velo-Shopper, and Recumbent-Bag; separate lock (e.g. U-lock or padlock) is required.

bag typepair
weight2x 7.5 g | 0.3 oz, 2x 8.5 g | 0.3 oz
width21 cm | 8 inch, 25 cm | 9 inch
Propertiesmig, nopvc, ql21

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