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Make it yours.

Each and every one of us is unique and that is what makes us something very special. We can choose who we want to be and how we want to organize our life. And just as versatile and individual as we are is the range of bike bags from ORTLIEB.
Featuring many new variations and options, and of course as durable and robust as ever.

Combine different bags to match your preferences and create your own individual set-up.


The new Handlebar-Pack Plus heralds the start and blurs the boundaries between bikepacking and touring. No matter what adventure you may have planned, it’s not a question of which category your bag slots into but whether it suits you and fits in with your ambitions and your adventure. An Ultimate and a Seat-Pack on your bike? Well, why not? If that’s what you want.

Apart from the Handlebar-Pack Plus, there are also some new features for our other bags. Our Ultimates, for example, now boast a new modern design and are also available as a 6.5 L model. The Frame-Pack RC Toptube and the Frame-Pack Toptube have been developed in a new size version and are now available as a 3 L model. Also for smaller frames at last!



Our own athletes are also out and about with the set-ups they have assembled for themselves – adapted to their personal, individual preferences and needs.
This is where you can find the ultimate insights into the equipment chosen by the professionals!


Our aim is to allow you to put your own perfect set-up together from all the bags that we have!
Regardless of the colors, materials or lines that you combine – you make it YOUR VERY OWN!

Show us your set-up! Share a picture of your ORTLIEB bike bag set-up on Instagram using the hashtag #makeityours, mark it @ortlieb_waterproof and become part of the community.


Incidentally, you can not only put together your own bike bag set-up but also have the option of individually organizing the contents of your bag. After all, there’s nothing more annoying than having to spend ages rummaging through your bag to find the item you need.

The Packing Cubes bring order into your bag!
On trips or in everyday use as inserts for Back-Rollers, Bike-Packers, Velo-Shoppers or Duffles, these inserts bring structure and order into your bag. There are a number of organizational talents to choose from, which can be used alone or in combination with each other.