Messenger-Bag Laptop Compartment

Laptop compartment to expand your Messenger Bag (as from 2023 model) or as a replacement for Velocity (as from 2020 model) and Vario (as from 2022 mode).

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The Messenger Bag Laptop Compartment is not only intended for upgrading your Messenger Bag (as from 2023 model) but also allows you to replace the existing insert in your Velocity (as from 2020 model) and in your Vario (as from 2022 model).

The Messenger Bag Laptop Compartment can only be installed in Velocity models from 2020 onwards and Messenger Bag models from 2023 onwards. If you’re not sure about the model, you can check quite easily by looking for any press studs on the back plate of your Velocity or Messenger Bag. If there are no press studs but a Velcro fastening device instead, you can install the Laptop Compartment. If there are press studs, you can use the Insert F32G for the Velocity and the F32G and F32D versions for the Messenger Bag.

More Information
weight115 g | 4.1 oz
height36 cm | 14.2 inch
width24.5 cm | 9.6 inch
depth2.5 cm | 1 inch
Suitable forBackpacks

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