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Dry Bags


Walking through the countryside, kayaking in the wild, or biking over hill and dale - especially when you're outdoors, your equipment should be protected from dust, dirt and moisture.

Put an end to the disappearance in your backpack and organize everything in a space-saving way with the matching ORTLIEB packsack. The ultra-light PS10 models are available from a volume of 1.5 liters.


To reduce the load on your future adventures, our packsacks are extremely durable and waterproof in all weathers - hand on! You want to take as few bags as possible with you? Then carry your packsack on your back like a backpack. The Gear-Pack, X-Plorer and X-Tremer models are equipped with shoulder straps and won't let you down.


You have very little space available, but you don't want to separate from any of your pieces? Then grab our compression bag with air valve. With it you reduce the packing size to an absolute minimum and don't have to leave anything at home.


Waterproof packing bags in different colors are ideal if you want your luggage to be clearly sorted in your backpack or bike bag. Do you have some moisture-sensitive items with you when hiking or climbing, or do you want to pack your complete equipment safely on a canoe trip? Our X-Tremer models not only offer a lot of protection thanks to the roll closures, but also a lot of space with a volume of up to 150 L.

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  1. Dry-Bag PS10

    €9.89 - €25,769.82
  2. Dry-Bag PD350

    €11.31 - €26.15
  3. Dry-Bag PS490

    €19.79 - €37.46
  4. Dry-Bag PS10 Valve

    €8.93 - €26.85
  5. X-Tremer

    €67.13 - €74.20
  6. X-Plorer

    €49.46 - €53.00

6 Items

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