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Active Backpacks

Active Backpacks

Developed for those who want to touch the sky!

Your next tour is already planned. The anticipation, the packing list, the organization of the trip and then, it finally starts. On each of your adventures, you should have a reliable partner with you, who will keep your belongings safe and dry.

Whether it's a cross-country hiking route, a mountain bike ride or a wet rafting adventure, our Active Backpacks are the epitome of outdoor. Once your belongings are well stowed, it's easy to concentrate on the actual outdoor experience.


You open your backpack and what you are looking for or need is of course far below. Who doesn't know that? That's exactly why we developed the Atrack. The first waterproof backpack that can be opened like a travel bag.

From skis to longboards, you can attach anything you want to take with you on your trip. The zipper in the back offers you extra security from thieves and plenty of room for your whole adventure.

Which backpacks works best for you?




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  1. Atrack CR Urban

  2. Atrack ST

    €127.20 - €141.30
  3. Atrack CR

  4. Atrack BP

  5. Atrack

    €127.20 - €148.37
  6. Packman Pro Two

    €88.33 - €109.54
  7. Gear-Pack

  8. Light-Pack Two

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