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Front Panniers

Front Panniers

Our waterproof front bike bags keep your stuff dry. That’s what ORTLIEB waterproof quality stands for! Our bike bags are also lightweight and incredibly durable. They are very loyal companions and come with a 5-year guarantee.

Bike bags for your front wheel

Our Sport-Packer and Sport-Roller can naturally also be attached to your rear bike rack. But given their smaller size compared to other ORTLIEB bike bags such as the Back-Roller, they are ideal front bike bags. Attached to one of our Lowrider racks, they will not hinder you while you ride and their size will help you to avoid overloading your front wheel. They also make for ideal rear bike bags for smaller bikes. So if you’re planning to go out for a bike tour with your kids, they’ll be able to take their stuffed animals and other indispensables along with them without having to worry about them getting wet. All of our bike bags are guaranteed waterproof!

Front bike bag and carrying bag in one

Every rear and front bike bag in our line of products is outfitted with a Quick-Lock mounting system. This means that it’s a snap to attach your bags to or detach them from your bike rack. Most front bike bags by ORTLIEB are also outfitted with sturdy shoulder straps so that you can conveniently and comfortably take them with you after locking your bike and setting off by foot. Our Sport-Roller bike bag can also be combined with our Rack-Pack in sizes S and M.

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  1. Fork-Pack

  2. Gravel-Pack

  3. Sport-Roller Classic

    €77.73 - €113.07
  4. Fork-Pack Plus, 5.8 L Fork-Pack Plus, 5.8 L New
  5. Sport-Roller City

    €56.53 - €84.10
  6. Sport-Packer Classic

    €88.33 - €127.21
  7. Sport-Roller Free

    €74.20 - €81.26

11 Items

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