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Spare Parts


We want you to enjoy your ORTLIEB products for as long as possible and to be able to continue using them even after the 5-year warranty period has expired. If something should break, all spare parts are available for purchase.

Since we have a big heart for sustainability, we offer you to bring your bag, which you bought decades ago, back in shape.

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  1. Flap High Visibility for Vario PS Flap High Visibility for Vario PS New
  2. O-Strap Bottle Cage Mount O-Strap Bottle Cage Mount New
  3. O-Strap 14,5/200mm O-Strap 14,5/200mm New

    O-Strap 14,5/200mm

  4. Offset-Plate 64mm Offset-Plate 64mm New

    Offset-Plate 64mm

  5. Handlebar Mounting-Set QR Handlebar Mounting-Set QR New
  6. Buckle Seat-Pack

  7. Distance padding

  8. Helmet mount Vario

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