Heiko Gärtner and Tobias Krüger

The two adventurers travel around the world, by feet and without money.

Over the past few years Heiko Gärtner and Tobias Krüger have worked as wilderness teachers and survival guides. Beyond this, they have experienced different expeditions and adventures around the world to challenge their view of the world and to create documentaries around the different areas of life, human culture and nature. This dream has allowed them to travel to Iceland in the cliffs for a month to observer Icelandic wildlife. They visited Mayan people in Guatemala, Maori people in New Zealand, and were lucky to experience the 3300km trek from Germany Santiago de Compostela. In order to experience the hike as our ancestors had done they travelled with very little supplies – similar to the way a homeless person would have travelled. They were also among the first people to climb the Zugspitze, which they did blindfolded.
The 1st of January 2014 marks the beginning of their most exciting projects. Since then they are walking all around the world to visit the native people of all continents, to learn how we as humans can live in harmony with nature and to gain the knowledge about traditional medicine. All the journey the two adventures do without money and they are walking only by feet. “Walk for people who cannot walk” is the motto under which the journey is going to become the longest charity walk on earth. Together with their partner Heiko Gärtner and Tobias Krüger want to support different social projects with every step they take so that they can give something in return to human, animals and nature for all the presents they get from life every day on their journey.

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Heiko Gärtner und Tobias Krüger

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