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Ultimate Six Plus

The waterproof Ultimate Six Plus handlebar bag is the perfect place to securely stow your wallet and other valuables while keeping them at the ready whenever you need them. 

Please note!
The handlebar mount is sold separately.

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The waterproof Ultimate Six Plus handlebar bag is the perfect place to stow your things while keeping them at the ready whenever you need them. Depending on the model, this durable handlebar bag made of waterproof Cordura fabric offering you the space you need for items you need to be able to access quickly. The smallest of the Ultimate Six Plus models distinguishes itself in terms of its transparent, user-friendly and rainproof flap compartment that enables to secure your smartphone, GPS device and roadmap. You can naturally operate your touchscreen device through the transparent cover. The two larger models enable the use of different inserts in case you want to stow any special gear such as your high-performance camera while you’re underway.   

What all three models have in common is convenience. You can open the flap with a single hand, thanks to its magnetic closure, and closing it again is virtually automatic. The detachable shoulder strap transforms your handlebar bag into a convenient shoulder bag as soon as you reach your destination.


Further features:

+ Maximum payload: 5 kg

+ Zippered inside pocket with carabiner for keychains

+ Air vents in the flap compartment prevent device overheating

+ Reflector made of high luminosity 3M Scotchlite material on front of bag

+ Accommodates the attachment of a map case and Safe-it

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CO₂e footprint:
6.9 kg

Leave your car at home and cycle 72.6 km to compensate for this product.

This calculation is based on the EU target of 95 g CO₂/km for all new vehicles as from 2020.

You can find out more about sustainability at ORTLIEB here.