The ORTLIEB warranty, limited to five years, is a voluntary warranty provided by the manufacturer. It grants additional rights independent of the rights granted by consumer protection laws. Should a product be replaced within the warranty period, the date of first delivery continues to apply to the five-year warranty period.

This worldwide, free of charge warranty of five years from delivery refers to material defects and processing errors. Scuff marks, holes and cracks caused by the customer's own fault are not covered by the warranty. Claims for defects due to normal wear and tear, improper use, non-observance of the assembly instructions, third-party intervention as well as due to improper storage are excluded. No warranty is given for damage due to improper care and improper use. As a rule, however, such damage can be repaired at cost price.

Consumer Protection Law

Important: The provisions of the ORTLIEB warranty, which is limited to five years, do not apply to claims arising from statutory consumer protection rights. These statutory rights are not limited by the warranty. Thus, the benefits under the five-year limited ORTLIEB warranty are intended to supplement and not replace the rights granted by consumer protection laws.

If a product is defective, consumers may in particular claim the rights under §§ 434 et seq., §§ 474 et seq. of the German BGB (German Civil Code). Consumers can choose whether to claim performance under the ORTLIEB warranty, which is limited to five years, or under their statutory consumer protection rights.

The first point of contact for warranty claims is always the specialist or online dealer with whom the purchase contract for the product was concluded. This warranty is subject to the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Status: July 2022