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Keep dry what you love.

In our MISSION we have comitted ourselves to the following statement:

"We design and manufacture innovative waterproof products that enable our customers to better navigate their world,

live out their dreams, and respect our planet every day."

That should be supported and accomplished by our claim:

What is it all about at Ortlieb?

It's about you

You're unique
among the crowd.

You ride your bikes for fun.
or maybe to save the planet.

You love the Outdoors.
whether a park downtown
or the side of a mountain.

You're always going somewhere.

In your pack there's a
tablet, or groceries,
or workout wear, office
shoes, climbing gear.

When it rains,
one thing is for sure:
Everything gets wet.

Your stuff is important.
You need to protect it
no matter what you are doing
or where you are going.

You want to:

Keep dry what you love.

Keep dry what you love.