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"260litros" comes from a long friendship of two guys which decided in 2017 to leave everything behind and go in search of new adventures and experiences with their bikes.

“When we started our trip we though about going from southern Patagonia to Peru in six months but as days passed we started to feel that this could be our way of living for the next years and decided to keep on going until Alaska, for the moment.” Nowadays after more than two years, 10 Andes crossing, 4 countries and more than 16000 kms we reached Peru and are excited to continue with new experiences throughout the following countries.”

We wanted to leave behind all routine. We wanted to stop saying: “one they we will…” We just did it. “Our goal is to reach Alaska but we just made a change in our adventure and included bike packing with packrafts on it. After traveling through several places around South America with incredible single track trails, lakes and rivers we though that it would be amazing to be able to combine both activities bikepacking and packrafting, that is why we have changed all our equipment for making it possible. We love adventure, remote and hard planning routes. All the americas are packed with lots of single track trails that go up in the mountains or deep in the jungle and lead to some river or lake so we though, why not turning into this?”

260 Litros


"Because life happens now, feeding it with every moment is my sustenance. It is those feelings of greatness that give me a feeling of freedom, and being able to experience them every day makes me aware of how much road remains to be traveled, people to know and moments to enjoy. There is nothing different in me to know about other people, that's why I prefer not to describe my hobbies or qualities. I would just like to let you know that this experience of traveling, in me every day, in every moment, makes me happier and gives me the chance to know the world and its people. And that, that's what really describes me.


"With a divided heart, born in Caracas and raised in Euskadi. In 2016 I considered the possibility of carrying out a dream that I always thought impossible or very difficult to achieve: to get rid of everything and travel around the world knowing different places, cultures and people. Something that did not go entirely into my head but that was always circling inside me. I have been an athlete since childhood but I had never considered the possibility of traveling by bicycle. This is my first great trip, the journey of my life. Getting out of my "comfort zone" and undertaking this adventure has been one of the most satisfying decisions I have made to this day. "