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ORTLIEB High Visibility

Backpacks and bike bags for good visibility in the dark

When the days become shorter and the nights become longer, many people commute in the dark. Whether biking to school or work, riders must pay extra attention to their safety during the dark months.
We at ORTLIEB have equipped many of our commuter classics - backpacks and bicycle bags alike - with a reflective material to get you through the darkness safely
Do you prefer a simple black design or would you like to make a neon yellow statement? It doesn't matter, because lights hit your High Visibility bag, it'll shine back brightly. And of course it is 100% waterproof.

Visible when cycling: The bike bags.

Back-Roller High Visibility

  1. Back-Roller High-Vis
    À partir de 140,00 €

Sport-Roller High Visibility

  1. Sport-Roller High-Vis
    À partir de 0,00 €

Ultimate Six High-Visibility

Saddle-Bag Two High Visibility

  1. Saddle-Bag High-Vis
    88,00 €

Office-Bag High Visibility

  1. Office-Bag High-Vis
    À partir de 190,00 €

Perfect at day and at night


Rolf Kathrein-Lehmann | Head of Product Management

With a crumple zone of absolute zero, it’s critically important for cyclists to remain highly visible while out on the road. In fact, this matter of safety is precisely why we’ve always outfitted virtually all of our products with our trademark reflector. However, in the case of urban settings, there is often a confusing multitude of lights,reflections and impressions that can distract motorists, pedestrians and other cyclists. As a result, cyclists, with their slender profiles, may go unseen.
That's why we put our minds to the task of making our bags, and thereby their owners, even more visible. The result, after much trial and error, is our High-Visibility Line. The fabric of the products in this line is interwoven with a reflective yarn that gives the entire body of the bag a reflective property, thereby enhancing its visibility when picked up by a motorist’s headlight. We’re certain this feature contributes to the safety of cyclists, motorists and pedestrians alike.

Visibility for any kind of mobility: The backpacks.

Commuter-Daypack High Visibility

  1. Commuter-Daypack High-Vis
    230,00 €

+ padded compartment for notebook 39x27cm
+ reinforced bottom
+ loops and daisy chains for optional rear light or U-lock 
+ outer pocket
+ 100% waterproof (IP64)
+ PVC- free


Velocity High Visibility

  1. Velocity High-Vis
    À partir de 165,00 €

+ padded compartment for notebook 36x24,5cm
+ available in 2 colors
+ edge protection
+ loop for helmet transport or for an additional rear light
+ 100% waterproof (IP64)
+ PVC-free