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Guarantee and service

ORTLIEB Garantie

Our aim is to help people actively spend their leisure time outdoor – no matter what the weather. To achieve this we develop outdoor equipment that is waterproof, highly functional, durable, reliable and made in Germany. Our products must function under most extreme conditions, therefore the experiences of extreme users such as cycle couriers or globetrotters influence our product development. Your user needs are the focus of our business.


ORTLIEB products have the reputation of being indestructible. A long product life is extremely important for evaluating the sustainability of products. Our promise is 100% waterproof: we give 5 years warranty from the date of purchase on materials and manufacturing. This is far longer than the legally regulated guarantee period. The extremely long life of ORTLIEB products (often more than 20 years) allows our customers to effectively save resources. Please find more about our guarantee services here.


Excellent service starts with competent advice prior to purchase. Therefore ORTLIEB products are sold via specialist dealers. ORTLIEB products can be easily repaired. This fact is a fundamental indicator for sustainability. However in case of a defect or wear of components our products are designed such they can be easily repaired. Defective parts can be easily exchanged, holes repaired, buckles replaced and straps renewed. Our in-house customer service can repair your products making them fit for the next trip.
We also update older products or perform upgrades to current systems (see pricelist for modifications). When a product is discontinued we ensure spare part availability for 10 years.

Customer Relations

We are looking forward to receive your feedback. Our ORTLIEB users’ feedback influences our product design and your ideas for product improvement and your criticism will always be replied to; if possible we will realize your suggestions. Our company systems allow us to react quickly to our customers’ ideas and realize modifications within short time.

Further we are represented at numerous trade shows and events such as Eurobike, and will be happy to talk to you in person. Please find current information on shows and events on our facebook account.

Our PRO TEAM travels all over the world and tests our products in extreme conditions and constant use. Please learn more about our PRO TEAM here.