The innovative adapter system for the luggage carrier

Since 2021, ORTLIEB has the new Top-Lock system, the successor to the proven Rack-Lock system.

Just like its precursor, the Top-Lock system comes without annoying attachment elements to the rack itself and can be attached in seconds by light pressure down towards the luggage carrier. The removal is just as fast. For this, only the two release levers must be pressed down. Special knobs on the bottom of the bag and anti-slip pads prevent the bag from slipping and make the Top-Lock a particularly stable system.

Initially, the Top-Lock system is adjusted once to the width of the luggage carrier, which is facilitated by the supplied ruler. Compatible is the system with almost all carriers with a continuous width of 80-160mm and a tube diameter of 8-16mm.




No slipping: Nubs on the bottom and the stable "grip" of the Top-Lock system ensure that your trunk for the bike sits stably even on cobblestones & more.


Easy release: Simply pushing down on one wing of the top-lock system and tilting the bag to the side releases your trunk bag in seconds.


Carrying comfort: The Up-Town Rack convinces off the bike with the convenient carrying handle, the Trunk Bag RC and the Trunk Bags with the comfortable shoulder strap.


Quick attachment: Once shopping is done, simply press your trunk bag onto your rack. If you hear a >clack<, the system is locked and sits stably. Load up to 10kg!