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The Glossary



Aluminum is resistant to corrosion, durable and very light in comparison to other metals, which is why it is frequently used in automobile and aircraft construction. Because of this high strength-to-weight ratio, aluminum is also used at ORTLIEB, e.g. in our Quick Rack luggage carriers.



The roots of bikepacking can be found in riding mountain and gravel bikes as well as in ultralight camping. It evolved towards the end of the 1990s in the USA, and has since spread all over the world.

In bikepacking, it’s not just a matter of cycling from A to B, but also experiencing nature and savoring the whole adventure. In contrast to classic cycling tours, bikepackers carry their luggage in lightweight bags and equipment developed especially for bikes and then ride a bike suitable for all types of terrain on unsurfaced roads and trails.

Thanks to the use of our specially developed bikepacking bags and equipment, luggage can be transported securely and comfortably without adversely affecting the handling characteristics of the bike.



Cordura is an extremely tough nylon material that is used in our products that need an especially high level of abrasion resistance and durability. The use of Cordura in our products guarantees that they are especially robust and long-lasting and are able to withstand the demands of an active lifestyle.



Core refers to the basics and the essentials. Products that bear the CR tag are purist and minimalist in their approach but offer everything that is needed in everyday life and when travelling, without appearing to be overladen. The design language is clear with no frills, completely avoiding any superfluous details. Whether for daily use or for new adventures – CR products are perfect for all those who want to concentrate on the essentials, without having to sacrifice any functionality or versatility.


Cordura Reflective Thread

CX stands for a special fabric comprising a combination of Cordura and reflective yarn. The Cordura fabric is intrinsically very durable and hard-wearing. Including reflective thread into the fabric additionally makes it a highly visible material that affords greater safety in road traffic in the dark or in poor light.

Our High Visibility products use this material to increase safety for cyclists and pedestrians. The material is durable and waterproof so that bags withstand the demands of an active lifestyle while at the same offering a high degree of safety in road traffic.


Food Safe

Food safe is the term used to characterize a material as being safe and of no concern under food legislation. When in contact with food, products designated as food safe do not give off any substances that are harmful to health or adversely affect the taste, smell or appearance of the food.

The special coating is a guarantee of safety in connection with food so that drinking water, for example, can be transported in the bag without any worries.



Polyamides are a type of plastic. They are frequently used for the manufacture of mountings and plastic parts that are put to use in various products, including our bags as well. Polyamides have a high strength, hardness and rigidity as well as being chemically resistant and hard-wearing.

Our polyamide is free of PVC, PFC and BPA. These harmful substances may occur in conventional plastics and often have negative effects on the environment and health.


Double coated

Double-coated indicates whether a material has received a coating on both sides. Such coatings make the material waterproof and protect it against wear. Products made from double-coated material offer additional protection and durability as a result.



In terms of quantity, polyethylene is the most common plastic material and is often used for films and packaging. Polyethylene is considered to be non-toxic and therefore often used for food packaging. It goes without saying that the PE used at ORTLIEB is also free of harmful substances such as PVC, PFC or BPA.


Single coated

The term single-coated is used for materials that have received a coating on one side. In contrast to double-coated materials, single-coated substances have a pleasant feel, in keeping with the natural quality of the material. At the same time, the coating of the material makes the material impermeable to water and thus protects against moisture and dampness.



Polypropylene is used in many different sectors, such as in the automotive industry, in construction and in the production of packaging and containers. In panniers and backpacks, the high stability and resilience of polypropylene leads to its use above all for fastening applications such as belts, buckles and connecting pieces. It goes without saying that the PP used at ORTLIEB is also free of harmful substances such as PVC, PFC or BPA.


Material PS33

This abbreviation comes from the material PS33 – a medium-weight nylon fabric with a single PU coating. The material is pleasantly rough and textured, which make it a popular material for ORTLIEB backpacks and bike panniers. The PU coating gives the material water-repellent and durable qualities.



Quick Lock is a mounting system for bike panniers that is developed and produced by ORTLIEB in Germany. Thanks to the self-securing hooks, even the first generation QL1 enabled panniers to be attached to the luggage rack and then removed with only one hand without the inconvenience of fastening belts and buckles.

A further development is the widespread Quick-Lock 2.1 System, which enables the panniers to be transferred easily to another bike, as all hooks can be adjusted on the rack without the need for any tools.
The Quick-Lock 3.1 has been specially developed for office bags and has the main fastening elements for the bag on the luggage rack, which leaves the rear of the bag free of any protruding hooks, making it more comfortable to carry, particularly in the case of shoulder bags.

You will find a detailed overview of the ways in which these systems function and all the differences between them on our Quick Lock overview page.


Quick Release

The Quick Release fastening system is an easy way to attach accessories to the bike and remove them again without the need for any tools. Depending on whether or not you want to ride with a handlebar bag, the QR Mounting Set is easy to attach and detach. The system also withstands the challenging conditions of bumpy and rough terrain.



Ripstop is a special type of weaving in which stronger and more durable fibers are interwoven into the material. This creates a type of matrix structure making the material more resilient and resistant to tearing. Apart from its use in ORTLIEB bags, this technology is also used in tents, sails and kites, in order to protect the material against high loads and stresses.


Roll Closure

The roll closure is an innovative system of rolling and Velcro fasteners that guarantees a waterproof and robust seal thanks to its sturdy and strongly adhesive Velcro fasteners. The RC System is especially robust and weather-resistant.


Transport Frame

RG stands for a wheel system with a permanently mounted telescopic aluminum towing frame. The lightweight yet tough material properties combined with an impact-resistant underside make the ORTLIEB transport frame especially suitable for off-road use.


Roll System

In order to reduce the weight of conventional trolleys and travel bags, ORTLIEB has developed a new transport system which, despite the elimination of a heavy telescopic handle, affords full comfort with maximum leg clearance. The result is wheels with waterproof integration on a reinforced base plate, ideal for flights and outdoor expeditions.


Short Torso

Our ST products are tailored to smaller physical dimensions and offer even greater comfort and safety due to their carrying system designed for narrower shoulders. All other components of the Short Torso variation are designed for smaller people, with the back length having been shortened and the hip wings adjusted.


Thermoplastic Polyurethane

TPU is a plastic that makes an ideal material for outdoor equipment thanks to its rubber-like elasticity combined with an outstanding abrasion-resistance. It goes without saying that the polyurethane used at ORTLIEB is also free of harmful substances such as PVC, PFC or BPA.


Reflective Thread

This special thread has reflective properties that mirror light in all directions. At night, in particular, the thread can make road users aware of people or objects more quickly and thus reduce the risk of accidents. Consequently, reflective thread increases safety in road traffic without sacrificing any style or comfort.


Figures – Material Weight

The figures following the various materials always refer to the weight of the material. The higher the number, the greater the weight of the material per square meter. Consequently, small numbers stand for fine fabrics, such as that used in stuff sacks, while our City and Urban products with the material PS55C have a coarser texture and are significantly thicker.