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6000. That is the number of stars that you can see from anywhere on earth when the sky is clear at night. Few hotels can offer you that! So for those who prefer to sleep in a hammock, pitch a tent, or spend the night in an RV, we have developed products that make your camping life easier.
Find the ideal gear for organizing your setup, uncomplicate showering under the apple tree, or create a minimalist kitchen while camping with our 100% waterproof accessories.



Whether for washing dishes, stowing muddy shoes or bringing your goldfish along for the trip. The packable and waterproof folding bowl comes in handy anytime you need easily accessible, clean water or to clean your muddy gear. 

  1. Folding-Bowl


Where are the swimming trunks? Are those clothes clean or dirty? And has anyone seen my toothbrush? Keeping order on a camping trip can be a challenge. Especially when it comes to separating dirty laundry, keeping wet socks away from dry ones, and storing fragile electronics in a waterproof manner. The ORTLIEB Dry-Bags are available in many colors and sizes to help you control the camping chaos.



Showering under the stars? No problem with our Water-Sack! With our shower valve, a mobile camping shower is just as easy as transporting water. And, if you opt for the black Water-Sack, the water will even heat up in the sun.

For backcountry adventurers, there is also a sister product: the Water-Bag. Made for the easy transport of drinking water, the bag is compatible with most common water treatment systems.


ORTLIEB Camping Hacks

Just a few products, but countless possibilities: That accurately describes the range of camping accessories from ORTLIEB. If you are looking for versatile all-rounders that make everyday camping easier, you can find them here.

Whether it's washing up in the folding bowl or organizing with the dry bags, it's often the useful little things that make everyday camping easier. Do you also have valuable tips and tricks for the camping site, then send us photos of your camping hacks to hello@ortlieb.com.

A Phone Case for Adventurers

Our Safe-it is perhaps the oldest waterproof cell phone chain in the world. With this case, you can keep your hands free and continue using your phone in the rain. The Safe-it is, of course, 100% waterproof

The foldable sink

The folding bowl: perfect at the campground for transporting dirty dishes, or in the wilderness for washing up.

The Mudroom

Don't know where to keep your dirty hiking boots? What about the gritty toys from building sandcastles? Off into the Folding-Bowl they go! Packable yet voluminous, waterproof and easy to clean, the Folding-Bowl will take the place of a bucket whenever one is needed.

The colorful bag for everything that needs to stay dry

With our Dry-Bag PS10, your documents, postcards or travel journal stay dry while camping - at minimal weight. And when the officers at the border call for "passports out!," the search in the is quick thanks to the bright colors.