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ORTLIEB stands for guaranteed waterproof bicycle bags! With us you will find everything your pack heart desires, from handlebar bags to saddlebags, and all that Made in Germany.

Swing on your city or touring bike - we'll take care of the right bike bag. Do you have a passion for bike packing with everything that goes with it? Then you've come to the right place!


Since the beginnings of ORTLIEB, we have been constantly thinking about "How to produce and improve a reliable waterproof bicycle bag". With a lot of ingenuity, the use of high-quality materials and sophisticated technology, we are the market leader in this field today.

Thanks to a special high-frequency welding process, our bicycle bags are superior to any glued or sewn product. This applies to every frame bag, front wheel bag or trunk bag. In addition, we always offer a five-year guarantee - without exception!


Classic among the waterproof rear wheel bags at ORTLIEB is our Back-Roller. A robust and spacious luggage carrier bag for the rear wheel. Thanks to our Quick-Lock system, the bag can be detached from the carrier and reattached in one easy step. With a pair of "Back-Rollers" in combination with for example two "Sport-Rollers" attached to the bike, you have enough storage space for your bike trip around the world.

Are you more of the urban jungle type? Then take a look at our Urban Line with its casual city look and if you want to attract attention at dusk and in the dark, the High Visibility Line is exactly what you are looking for. High visibility and safety at the same time - no matter the weather.

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  1. Vario PS

    £178.00 - £192.50
  2. Back-Roller Classic

    £120.00 - £145.00
  3. Back-Roller Urban Line

    £86.50 - £110.00
  4. Back-Roller Plus

  5. Seat-Pack

    £140.00 - £150.00
  6. Accessory-Pack

  7. Ultimate Six Classic

    £65.00 - £80.00
  8. Seat-Pack QR

  9. Gravel-Pack

  10. Handlebar-Pack

    £110.00 - £130.00
  11. Velo-Shopper

    £104.99 - £115.00
  12. Back-Roller Free

    £140.02 - £145.00
  13. Frame-Pack Toptube

    £106.00 - £115.00
  14. Micro Two

    £29.00 - £32.50
  15. Cockpit-Pack

  16. Ultimate Six Free

    £70.00 - £89.99
  17. Ultimate Six Plus

    £70.00 - £89.99
  18. Saddle-Bag Two

    £48.00 - £50.00
  19. Fork-Pack

    £55.00 - £60.00
  20. Up-Town City

  21. Handlebar-Pack QR

  22. Frame-Pack RC Toptube

    £96.00 - £106.00
  23. E-Trunk


Items 1-30 of 84

per page
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