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Saddle Bags

Saddle bags - practical storage space on the saddle

For long rides, daily commuting or bikepacking: saddle bags are the perfect solution for transporting important equipment safely and efficiently. ORTLIEB's saddle bags offer robust storage space that fits perfectly under your saddle and ensures optimal balance. Saddle bags are essential for bike packing as they provide extra storage space without compromising the aerodynamics of your bike.

Our products are renowned for their proven waterproofness and durability. Whether you ride in bright sunshine or pouring rain, your gear will stay dry and protected. An ORTLIEB saddle bag can hold everything you need for your tour: tools, spare parts, rain gear, snacks or even a small camping kit. The different sizes and designs give you the flexibility to find exactly the right bike bag for your needs. The saddle bags can be quickly attached and removed thanks to the simple and secure attachment system. The Saddle-Bag and Micro-Bag even use the same mounting system and are easily interchangeable.

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