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With us you will find everything your pack heart desires, from handlebar bags to saddlebags, and all that Made in Germany.

Swing on your city or touring bike - we'll take care of the right bike bag. Do you have a passion for bike packing with everything that goes with it? Then you've come to the right place!

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  1. Up-Town Up-Town New


  2. Frame-Pack RC Toptube Frame-Pack RC Toptube New

    Frame-Pack RC Toptube

    £100.00 - £110.00
  3. Trunk-Bag

  4. Back-Roller Design Chainring Back-Roller Design Chainring New
  5. Back-Roller Design Sierra Back-Roller Design Sierra New

    Back-Roller Design Sierra

    Out of stock
  6. Sport-Roller Plus Sport-Roller Plus New
  7. Sport-Roller Core Sport-Roller Core New
  8. Sport-Roller High-Vis Sport-Roller High-Vis New
  9. Sport-Roller Free QL3.1 Sport-Roller Free QL3.1 New
  10. Gravel-Pack QL3.1 Gravel-Pack QL3.1 New
  11. Compression-Straps Atrack Compression-Straps Atrack New
  12. Velocity Design Forest Velocity Design Forest New
  13. Pannier Stabilizing Insert Pannier Stabilizing Insert New

    Pannier Stabilizing Insert

    Out of stock
  14. Velocity Design Rider Resilience Velocity Design Rider Resilience New
  15. Seat-Pack 16.5L Mustard Limited Edition

    Out of stock
  16. Single-Bag QL3.1

  17. Office-Bag Urban QL2.1

    Out of stock
  18. Handlebar-Pack QR Handlebar-Pack QR New
  19. Packing Cube

    £30.00 - £39.00
  20. Vario High Vis

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