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High Visibility Line

High Visibility

Bicyclists are uniquely vulnerable when out on the road because they are less protected and less visible than motorists. The narrow silhouette projected by a bike and rider and the smaller size and strength of bicycle lights compared to those of motor vehicles make cyclists harder for motorists to detect in nearly all traffic conditions. In order to minimize this elevated risk for cyclists, we developed the total-reflection bike bag. In addition to their two large standard reflectors, the entire bodies of the bike bags in the High Visibility Line (HVL) are manufactured to reflect light!

Be safe – be seen

Made of robust polyurethane-coated Cordura fabric, our HVL bike bags are obviously durable and absolutely waterproof. But they have also been developed to reflect light in all directions. Indeed, our HVL bags help others out there on the road to detect bicyclists and pedestrians sooner and to see them more clearly.

Visibility while cycling

In addition to the bike travel classics and Back-Roller, the series also includes a handlebar bag Ultimate Six and the well-known Sport-Roller. The latter is also ideal as a first bike bag for children and thus offers additional safety for the offspring. For those who use the bike to commute to the office, the High Visibility Office Bag not only offers the necessary visibility but also the appropriate storage space, for example, to take files or the notebook on the bike. Also the messenger bag in compact format as a practical daypack, the Velocity High Visibility, is part of the series and is as a daily companion on the way to university or school or shopping no longer imagine doing without. With a packing volume of 2.7 L, the saddle bag Saddle-Bag High Visibility offers enough space for spare tube, tools and rain jacket. In addition to the luminosity, it is also an optimal splash protection and thus almost replaces the rear fender. With the exception of the Saddle Bag and the Office Bag, all bags are available not only in black-reflex but also in neon yellow-black reflex and are thus real eye-catchers even in daylight. All bags are PVC-free and of course waterproof and made in Germany.

With the High Visibility Line you can go home even late at night with confidence, because with this you will certainly not be overlooked.

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