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Ultimate Six Compact Free

This compact handlebar bag is completely PVC-free. It makes for an ideal companion on your way to work, or a key component on your extended tour with other ORTLIEB bags that are also now available in PVC-free versions

NEW: From January onward you can choose the handlebar mount that is right for your bike.

Up until now we have supplied handlebar bags together with our standard bracket, but now you can order your individual mounting set separately so you can choose a mounting system that suits your needs.

mig nopvc ip54
DELIVERY TIME 2 or 3 workdays
AvailabilityIn stock
As low as £55.00

Incl. VAT.


Offering plenty of space for the basics, like your wallet, keys, smartphone, note pad and snacks, this 2.7-liter handlebar bag is just the right size when you’re riding across town for a meeting and don’t need to take much with you. But it’s also an excellent addition to an ensemble of classic bike panniers such as the Back-Roller and Sport-Roller in the ORTLIEB Free-Line of bike bags.
In addition to being extremely light and compatible with virtually all handlebars, the Ultimate Six is outfitted with a flap that you can quickly open or close with one hand and a shoulder strap that you can attach to your Ultimate Six Compact Free to convert it into a shoulder bag once you reach your destination and prepare to set off on foot.


+4 different handlebar mounting sets available
+flat adapter plate
+form-stable bag body
+maximum payload: 5 kg

materialPD62, PS60
360° View360° View
weight340 g | 12 oz
height20 cm | 7.9 inch
depth8 cm | 3.1 inch
Propertiesmig, nopvc, ip54
lower width14 cm | 5.5 inch
upper width17 cm | 6.7 inch