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Athletes and Ambas­sadors

Trust must be earned
Reliability has to be proven

Meet our athletes and ambassadors who rely on our products for their expeditions, races, adventures and everyday life. They put our bags through their paces to give us valuable feedback for our development. This is how we ensure that you can always rely on our products in any situation.

Jonas Deichmann

Jonas Deichmannn Portrait

The German extreme athlete and public speaker has several world records in swimming, cycling and running.

Belén Castelló

Belén Castelló Portrait

Cyclist and adventurer from Spain. Belen writes for cycling magazines with her partner Tristan Bogaard. She also runs her own YouTube channel and inspires her community on Instagram about "adventures by bike".

Tristan Bogaard

Tristan Bogaard Portrait

Adventurer, photographer & videographer from the Netherlands. He travels the world by bicycle with his partner Belen Castello. The resulting photos and videos can be seen in cycling magazines, on his YouTube channel and on his Instagram page.

Nacho Pellejero

Nacho Pellejero Portrait

Spanish ultra-distance cyclist and tour guide @pacycling.

Dirk Rohrbach

Dirk Rohrbach Portrait

Dirk Rohrbach is a German travel journalist, author and photographer with a special love for Canada and the USA.

Denis & Tanja Katzer

Denis und Tanja Katzer Portrait

Tanja and Denis have been travelling the world by bike and camper van since 1991. They document their expeditions in cycling magazines and on social media.

Felix Kuffner

Felix testet Bikes Portrait

On his YouTube channel "Felix testet Bikes", Felix shares content about different bikes and their special features. But just about anything else that is related to bikes is a recurring theme for the German YouTuber as well.

Wiebke Lühmann

Wiebke Lühmann Portrait

Wiebke Lühmann from Freiburg is a passionate bike packer. She is particularly well known for her solo trip to the North Cape and the film "On Her Own" that resulted from it. She shares her experiences with her community on her social media channels.

Thomas Widerin

Thomas Widerin Portrait

While Thomas is travelling by helicopter for the mountain rescue service in Tyrol, he prefers to be on his bike at any other time. The world traveller shares his adventures and experiences on his blog and in various cycling magazines.

Anke Eberhardt

Anke Eberhardt Portrait

Anke wants to change the world of bike tutorials. With her YouTube series 'How To FAHRrad', the journalist and aspiring influencer humorously gets closer to her goal every year.

Max Riese

Max Riese Portrait

Founder of the online magazine and the gravel race "The Loop", he is not only an enthusiastic amateur cyclist but also an ambitious and talented ultra-distance cyclist.

Zoë Agasi &
Olivier Van Herck

WeLeaf Portrait

Experiencing human-powered travel is the goal of this adventurous couple from Belgium and the Netherlands. You will therefore find the two of them cycling, walking, skiing or even packrafting. They record their adventures in books and on their social channels.

Stefanie & Niels

WeLeaf Portrait

These passionate outdoor lovers and cyclists from Ghent believe that bikepacking (and cycling in general) should be accessible to everyone and hope to inspire people to do so through their website and social media channels. They prepare tailor-made (cycling) trips for others and Niels is a brand / portrait photographer for outdoor branding.

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