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WORLD RECORD ATTEMPT : Crossing South America

Objective: Setting the Fastest time to cycle the length of South America (Cartagena to Ushuaia).

THE ROUTE: 11 000 KM – Cartagena to Ushuaia

The itinerary will follow the Colombian Caribbean coast, the Colombian and Ecuadorean Andes cordillera, the Peruvian coastline, the Atacama desert in Chile, the pampas in Argentina, to finally reach Tierra Del Fuego and its most austral city: Ushuaia.
With a total climbing on the overall route of 86000 meters, this ultra-bike expedition will be a daily physical and mental challenge. Temperatures will vary from -5 to +40°C, altitude from sea level up to 4.400 meters!

2 challengers
11 000 km
< 58 days (current solo record) 5 countries – 1 continent 200 km / day