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Thomas Widerin

“Now the great moment has come:
My cycling tour through the North American continent begins. I push the packed bike from my hotel on the south west side of the bustling New York district of Manhattan, the sun is shining, and the ideal temperature for cycling is 20 degrees. The first prerequisites for my start are therefore good. Still …
A little less than two months later, I crossed my bridge over a very special bridge: the famous Golden Gate Bridge of the Californian city of San Francisco. But the almost 8,000 miles traveled had it … ”

Course of the course

New York – Harrisburg – Columbus – Indianapolis – Springfield (Missouri) – Baxter Springs (Kansas) – Oklahoma City – Amarillo (Texas) Albuquerque (New Mexico) – Flagstaff + Grand Canyon (Arizona) – Needles + Mojave Desert (California) – Los Angeles – San Francisco


Total 7,800 km (with all trips to the national parks and the hinterland)


45 days driven
An average of 170 km per day
8 days of a break

Special sections of the route

City passage from New York; Large area of St Louis; Historic Route 66, Oklahoma City; Desert sections in New Mexico; Grand Canyon; Mojave Desert; Stretch of Los Angeles; Coastal road from Los Angeles to San Francisco; San Francisco with its Golden Gate Bridge

Special Experiences

My “lost” bicycle; The first kilometer with the bike in New York; My arrest on the Brooklin Bridge; The encounter with a tornado; My night in the police station; When I am almost drowned in the Mojave Desert in front of a cola machine; Looking down from a plateau to the giant Los Angeles with its haze; The constant “Fighten” with the cowardly but biting dogs …

Best moment of the trip

Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at the end of my trip, when I first crossed the North American Continent with my bike …


Thomas Widerin