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The original: The waterproof courier backpack Velocity

The Velocity waterproof courier backpack is a true ORTLIEB original. For many years it has been serving the heroes of everyday life. Since this year, a laptop compartment has been integrated into every Velocity, the carrying system has been ergonomically optimized and from August 1st, it will also be available in a completely new materiality as Velocity PS and there will be a XL version with 29L for the classic model. No matter if you're rushing to work or chilling in the park - with the Velocity you have a partner for everything: Choose your Velocity!



The classic among the Velocitys has been convincing for many years with its waterproof tarp material and since this year, like all models, it even comes with a laptop compartment and a more ergonomic carrying system.


Velocity PS

The latest addition to the Velocity family: The Velocity PS in our proven PS33 nylon fabric. The PS comes with a new colour concept and without PVC, while being just as waterproof as the original!

  1. Velocity PS
    As low as £110.00

Velocity High-Visibility

The expert for the morning and evening hours: With its reflective material, the Velocity High-Visibility ensures optimum visibility. So you arrive safely and your stuff stays dry.


Velocity Design

For all those who want something special: Our Velocity Design. Our Velocity Design line is reissued every year and offers you a design that not everyone has. Of course it comes with all the features of the Velocity line.

  1. Velocity Design Black
    As low as £0.00
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The Velocity: Sustainability through reparability

The velocity is naturally sustainable. Produced in Germany at our headquarter in Heilsbronn in the middle of Bavaria, it is characterized, like all ORTLIEB products, by its special robustness and long durability. Of course, after years of use, some things can break. Due to the good reparability we can simply give your Velocity a second life. Thus your Velocity becomes your eternal partner. True to the motto: Waste isn't waste until you waste it!