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5 year warranty

Our 5-year warranty applies from the date of purchase to any defects that appear as a result of any deficient or improper processing of materials in our production process.
We also offer a 1-year warranty on any product repairs we carry out.

The scope of our warranty does not include any material abrasion, holes or tears that occur as a result of the improper treatment or handling of the product by the purchaser. ORTLIEB accepts no liability for any claims relating to normal wear and tear, improper product use, failures to follow assembly or mounting instructions, product modifications or improper storage. If your product is replaced pursuant to the terms of the warranty, the date of the original purchase shall still apply as the reference date for the 5-year warranty period.

Should you nonetheless have a reason to submit a warranty claim, please report the matter to your closest ORTLIEB dealer or to our Customer Service department.

Retouren sind kostenfrei ab einem Warenwert von 40€

* Incl. VAT

** Die Abwicklung deines Auftrags erfolgt über unseren Kooperationspartner e-shop-direct.com by arendicom. Mehr erfährst du hier: Bestellen bei ORTLIEB.