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Cycling for Rangers

Cycling through Africa telling the story of Rangers.

We are a group of 4 who have a collective passion for conservation and the outdoors. Cycling For Rangers comnbines each of our individual skills and interests in filmmaking, photography, writing, and cycling.

The challenge we’re undertaking is to ride a snaking route from Johannesburg to Nairobi; more than 8,000km through 8 countries and 10 national parks.

The driving force behind to this? The hard facts. Two rangers die a week worldwide and its very possible that we’ll see the extinction of rhino and elephant within our lifetime. The goal is to use our project to raise awareness and funds for Anti-Poaching Rangers across Africa. We’ve partnered with For Rangers, a fantastic organisation that channel funds directly into the most critical areas.

The route will enable us to meet and interview front-line Anti-Poaching Rangers and make a feature length documentary. It will explore their relationship with both the animals and people that live alongside them.

Cycling for Rangers