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Would you like to experience breathtaking places in the middle of nature and pack everything on your bike for your trip? Then Bikepacking is what you are looking for. All you need is a bike with all-terrain characteristics, or you can choose between a gravel, mountain or fat bike, a spirit of adventure in your luggage and tidy, lightweight bags.

Our specially developed bikepacking equipment, like all other ORTLIEB products, is 100% waterproof and accompanies you on every mile of your new adventure. Put together your packing list and plan your extended day trip, your overnight stay under the stars or your dream multi-day tour.

In no time we put everything on your list in the right bag. A part of your camping equipment fits perfectly into the Handlebar Pack. Ready-to-hand items such as passports, mobile phones or snacks come in the cockpit pack. What you don't need so urgently on the way, e.g. water treatment tablets or your Medi-Kit, will find an excellent place in the Frame-Pack. The rest of your camping equipment, toiletries, clothes etc. can be stored in the Seat-Pack.

Now you are ready to roll, and nothing stands in the way of your next experience! We wish you a lot of fun and ride safe!

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  1. Seat-Pack QR

  2. Gravel-Pack

  3. Handlebar-Pack

    $155.00 - $175.00
  4. Cockpit-Pack

  5. Fork-Pack

    $65.00 - $75.00
  6. Frame-Pack Toptube

    $150.00 - $170.00
  7. Seat-Pack

    $175.00 - $185.00
  8. Frame-Pack

    $160.00 - $170.00
  9. Atrack BP

  10. Handlebar-Pack QR

  11. Frame-Pack RC

    $150.00 - $160.00
  12. Frame-Pack RC Toptube

    $140.00 - $160.00
  13. Fuel-Pack Fuel-Pack New



15 Items

per page
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